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Who is Silvie Coutuer (KDENZA)?

I thrive on challenges, and my mission is to bring complex topics to audiences in a fun and no-nonsense way. As an independent Quality & Sustainability consultant with extensive international experience and an academic background, I am dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals. Whether you're seeking Quality & Sustainability trainings, strategic advice, or certified ISO trainings via our webshop, I offer the expertise you need to succeed.

At KDENZA, the core values revolve around pragmatic advice, enthusiasm, digital solutions, and applying theoretical standards in a value-added way. When working with me, you can expect:

- a Passion for Continuous Learning and New Tools

With a background as a Bio-Engineer and PhD in Sciences, I am committed to ongoing learning. I continually study industry standards and explore new IT possibilities to ensure I provide the best solutions for my clients. Whether it involves leveraging YouTube channels, utilizing cutting-edge webinar software, or creating engaging animation videos, I bring boundless energy to meet your unique needs. As a certified lead auditor for ISO9001, ISO14001, VDA6.3, internal IATF 16949 auditor, and certified EFQM Assessor, along with being a Six Sigma Black Belt, I have cultivated expertise over 20 years in various industries.

- Real Operational Experience.

As a former local lab manager and QESH manager, I have firsthand experience in balancing priorities for Quality, Environment, and Safety within fast-paced production environments. This practical insight allows me to anticipate questions and provide no-nonsense solutions as an auditor or auditee for ISO9001, ISO14001, VDA 6.3, and IATF16949.

- Strategic Expertise:

Serving as a Global CQA manager, Supplier Quality Manager, and Global Lab Manager for an international company, I have successfully managed teams, complex ISO certification schemes, and spearheaded Sustainability initiatives. I bring strategic experience, setting KPIs, and delivering monthly reports to COO level, enabling me to provide long-term perspectives and value to your projects.

- Strong Communication and Networking Skills

To stay up-to-date with industry trends and insights, I actively engage in professional networking. I am a proud member of Xelyo (Quality) and VMx (Environment) networks, a guest speaker on the Xelyo Quality day, and have been a guest speaker at the University of Ghent. By maintaining strong connections, I ensure that I provide the most relevant and valuable advice to my clients.

Explore the KDENZA website to discover the interesting range of trainings, including PECB certified programs, custom trainings tailored to your needs, and a variety of Quality and Sustainability courses. For consultancy inquiries or to schedule a free introduction meeting, please reach out via or book directly a free introduction meeting via the button below.


Let's empower your business together by embracing Quality and Sustainability as drivers of success.


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