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Learn from an experienced VDA 6.3 auditor & expert: From Audit Stress to Audit Success!


Are you ready to harness the potential of VDA 6.3 and use VDA 6.3 in a pragmatic way to transform your organization's production processes? Introducing an exclusive in-house training workshop at KDENZA: "From Audit Stress to Audit Success with VDA 6.3." This 4-hour immersive session is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in VDA 6.3 audits.

Experience a seamless journey towards audit excellence as we guide you through the key concepts and best practices of VDA 6.3. Our experienced and enthousiastic trainer Silvie Coutuer will empower your team to navigate the audit process with confidence, ensuring compliance while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

During this interactive workshop, we'll delve into the core principles of VDA 6.3 and demonstrate their relevance to businesses of all sizes and industries. Learn how to understand the context, assess and explain the risks, prepare in a pragmatic way, understand what has changed in the latest VDA 6.3 upgrade, and apply it in a practical and interesting way.

Discover practical strategies and real-life case studies that highlight successful integration of VDA 6.3 requirements. Gain insights on how to align your production processes and Quality Management System with VDA 6.3 requirements and use them to your advantage.

With our guidance, you'll develop a customized roadmap for VDA 6.3 improvement. We'll also provide valuable insights on effective stakeholder engagement, partnerships, and communication strategies to amplify the impact of your quality initiatives.

Position your organization as a leader in VDA 6.3 compliance and excellence, capturing the appreciation of your internal and external customers who recognize the value of a robust & pragmatic quality management system.

To schedule a free meeting with Calendly to learn more about this transformative workshop, click the following link:

Alternatively, reach out to me at for more information.


Please note: The price mentioned here is a preliminary indication for a 8-hour workshop per participant. The final price will be determined based on the location and number of participants and will be provided in an official quote tailored to your specific requirements.

From Audit Stress to Audit Success with VDA 6.3

€395.00 Regular Price
€345.00Sale Price
  • The practical steps are the following:

    1) You can plan a free meeting via the following link or contact me via

    2) We agree on your needs and expectations and you receive a personalized quote.

    3) After confirmation of the quote, we agree on a date, location & timing.

    4) After the workshop, you will receive an official invoice.

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