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Unlock the potential of practical AI tools to amplify your organization's performance and foster a culture of sustainable quality improvement! In today's dynamic business landscape, embracing cutting-edge AI technology is pivotal to help you with your increasing workload and job complexity to improve your work happiness !

Welcome to an exclusive in-house workshop at KDENZA, meticulously designed to equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving AI landscape for quality & sustainability enhancement. Gain practical insights, specific examples, and tailored tips geared towards your company's unique needs!

Our tailor-made workshop provides a clear pathway for integrating AI tools into your operations, enabling you to streamline processes and create a positive work environment. Guided by the expertise of KDENZA's enthusiastic founder, Silvie Coutuer, you'll explore a comprehensive & practical overview of AI applications and how they can directly impact your daily way-of-working. Dive into interactive sessions that delve into actionable strategies for seamlessly incorporating AI technology into your existing work (including project follow-up, reporting in excel, internal auditing, improving business meetings, internal communication,...). Of course we'll also focus on some practical do's and don'ts from compliance point of view.

Ready to embark on this transformative AI journey? Connect with KDENZA to explore this cutting-edge workshop further.

To learn more about this in-house workshop and schedule a consultation, visit Calendly:, or reach us at


Please note that the initial price displayed is an estimated cost for a 4-hour workshop with at least one participant. The final cost will vary based on factors like location and participant count. An official tailored quote, designed to meet your specific requirements, will be provided. Additionally, keep in mind that group participation from your company could lead to reduced pricing.

Boost Your Work Happiness: Practical AI Tools for Quality & Sustainability

€545.00 Regular Price
€495.00Sale Price
  • The practical steps are the following:

    1) You can plan a free meeting via the following link or contact me via

    2) We agree on your needs and expectations and you receive a personalized quote.

    3) After confirmation of the quote, we agree on a date, location & timing.

    4) After the workshop, you will receive an official invoice.

  • This training is focused on Compliance, QESH & Sustainability professionals, who see their workload and job complexity continuously increasing, and who want to use practical (IT) tools to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to improve their work happiness and efficiency !

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