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Develop the competencies to audit an anti-bribery management system ABMS against the criteria established by ISO 37001, based on the guidelines of ISO 19011 and requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1.

E-Learning PECB Certified ISO 37001 Lead Auditor

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  • Bribery is a phenomenon that has plagued the private and public sector for a long time now. If this problem is not uprooted,
    economic development, or development in a general sense, is almost impossible. To address bribery and help organizations
    keep processes in check, ISO has published the ISO 37001 standard, which outlines the requirements for the implementation of
    an anti-bribery management system (ABMS). PECB training courses, on the other hand, provide you with the methodology – in
    a very practical sense – needed for implementing and auditing an ABMS.
    The PECB Certified ISO 37001 Lead Auditor training course provides the necessary knowledge and skills that enable you to
    perform anti-bribery management system (ABMS) audits by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures, and
    Many organizations seek competent auditors to determine whether the policies and anti-bribery controls, implemented as part of an ISO 37001-based ABMS, are effective. This training course aims to help you complete these tasks successfully and intends to reflect the importance of effective ABMS audits. Additionally, it aims to strengthen your knowledge and skills to plan and carry out ABMS audits in compliance with the guidelines for auditing management systems provided in ISO 19011 and the certification process described in ISO/IEC 17021-1.

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