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Discover the impact of sustainable business practices and their potential to revolutionize your organization's performance. As the business world shifts towards greater sustainability, there's a need to embrace and comply with evolving regulations like the CSRD legislation and EU Taxonomy. Introducing an exclusive and practical in-house workshop at KDENZA, meticulously designed to empower your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of Sustainability compliance in a practical way, with specific examples and tips specifically prepared for your company and industry!

Our tailor-made workshop paves a seamless path to adopting sustainable practices, enabling you to make a positive impact on society and the environment while achieving sustained success. Guided by our enthusiastic KDENZA expert Silvie Coutuer, you'll receive a comprehensive overview of the CSRD legislation, EU Taxonomy, Sustainability labels,...and how they affect your company and type of industry specifically.

Discover how integrating these regulatory changes into your organizational strategies can foster innovation, enhance your brand reputation, and drive long-term profitability. Engage in interactive sessions that delve into practical strategies for incorporating Sustainability compliance into your business model, inspired by real-world case studies of companies that have successfully embraced these changes.

Forge a tailored roadmap for sustainable growth by aligning your business strategies with the latest regulations, setting achievable goals, and tracking progress. Our workshop also offers guidance on effective stakeholder engagement, partnerships, and communication strategies to amplify the impact of your sustainability initiatives.

By participating in this workshop, you'll gain a competitive edge in today's evolving market. Position your business as a leader in sustainable practices, attracting new opportunities and demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable future.

Ready to take the next step? Contact KDENZA to explore this transformative workshop further.


To learn more about this in-house workshop, schedule a free meeting with Calendly via the following link: or send a mail to


Please note that the displayed price serves as a preliminary estimate for a 4-hour workshop with a minimum of one participant. The final cost will be influenced by variables including location and participant count. An official quote customized to your requirements will be provided, and keep in mind that group participation from your company may lead to a reduced price.

Practical Steps for Ensuring Your Company's Sustainable Compliance

€545.00 Regular Price
€495.00Sale Price
  • The practical steps are the following:

    1) You can plan a free meeting via the following link or contact me via

    2) We agree on your needs and expectations and you receive a personalized quote.

    3) After confirmation of the quote, we agree on a date, location & timing.

    4) After the workshop, you will receive an official invoice.

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