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Ready to ace your VDA 6.3 audit? Book a short, focused 1 hour call with Silvie Coutuer, a pragmatic and experienced VDA 6.3 & IATF expert & trainer, to get targeted guidance tailored to your chosen standard. Whether it's a practical question or a "practice" session, Silvie's insights will empower you to navigate audits with confidence. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to fast-track your success. Limited slots available, so secure yours now!

VDA 6.3 Audit Success: Expert Call with Silvie Coutuer

105,00 € Normale prijs
95,00 €Verkoopprijs
  • The practical steps are the following:

    1) You can order this "Expert Call" directly via the webshop or contact me at to receive an offer first.

    2) After your payment via the webshop ir after your confirmation of the offer via mail, you'll receive a Calendly link to book your call directly.

    3) Via Calendly, you'll get an automatic meeting request at your preferred time.

    4) The call is via Teams, unless otherwise agreed by KDENZA.

  • Yes, if you prefer to book (half) a day to have an in-depth discussion, internal audit or eg. a "practice" audit, please contact me at for a personalized offer.

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